Las Vegas real estate residents take some time to enjoy the beauty of nature. From dawn to dusk Wetlands Park welcomes visitors to explore its boundaries. Part of Wetlands Park is designated as a nature preserve. Over 200 acres provide a protected sanctuary for wildlife. Several ponds in the preserve have great spots to sit and watch for wildlife including Vern’s Pond and Island and North Pond Wildlife Blind. The onsite Nature Center is filled with informative displays and exhibits. In the auditorium themed movies educate about the flora and fauna, wildlife, and history of this Las Vegas property. Here the Indoor Picnic Cafe presents a temperature controlled setting to spread out lunches. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. patrons can bring their own meals and appreciate the views while they dine.

Hit The Trails On Las Vegas Property

Outside of the preserve visitors to the park are allowed to bring their dogs. Trails have tails wagging. Favorite places to walk furry friends include The Wetlands Loop Trail. Fully paved, this pathway is also fun for bicyclists. Equestrians can saddle up and ride out on their own set of trails north of the Las Vegas Wash. Children living in the Las Vegas real estate area can’t keep away from the neighborhood park play area. A haven for merriment, this space was created just for kids. Youngsters love the challenge of the climbing wall and to tumble over play structures designed as wildlife.