Tempt your tastebuds on Las Vegas property and indulge your sweet tooth. At Retro Bakery treats are creative and delicious. Mouthwatering cupcakes line the shelves calling out to those passing by.

Favorite flavors line the shelves each and every day. May living in Las Vegas indulge in a chocolate obsession. For them the chocolate fountain cupcake is sure to satisfy. Chocolate is also overflowing in the cookies and cream and chocolate loves vanilla cupcakes. Fruity flavors are also fantastic with pink lemonade, apple cider, and watermelon cupcakes ready to refresh. A close relative to the donut, nods are given with the glazed donut and coffee and donuts cupcakes. With so many to choose from decisions here don’t come easy. Regulars often pick one to eat now and several to take home and devour later.

Residents Living In Las Vegas Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

When it’s time for a party Retro Bakery has you covered. Standard cakes come in everyday flavors and can be whipped up in a day’s time. Custom cakes delight one and all. Designed with whimsy and sophistication desserts represent all occasions. Mini cupcakes and cupcake towers are also specialties of this Las Vegas property shop. Call the bakery for more information at 702.586.3740.