Wise guys are often found out when living in Las Vegas. At The Mob Museum, the colorful and sometimes infamous past of Las Vegas property is unveiled. Here characters can be dark, shady and a bit untrustworthy. Don’t turn your back and pay close attention to your fellow family members when walking the halls and scrutinizing the exhibits. Three floors of evidence are ready and waiting for analysis.

Organized crime is in the spotlight and visitors can analyze the role “family” business played in the rise of sin city and in the country as a whole. Interactive displays bring guests in on the action. A vibrant timeline marks the earliest days to the Valentine’s Day Massacre and then moves on to the role of taxes and the G men. Take a seat at the table and try your hand at Mob 101 at this national crime and law enforcement museum.

Get The Job Done On Las Vegas Property

Locals living in Las Vegas pay close attention to special events happening in the joint including lectures, author signings, community forums and more. Residents can also host their own event onsite adding a definite one of a kind ambiance to all sorts of occasions.

Open everyday there is plenty of time to get the job done. The tough guys are waiting so bring an alibi or two and head on down to 300 Stewart Avenue and take a look around.