Pulse Realty Group Training/Mentor Agreement


Pulse Realty Group , and its management believe strength and success comes with knowledge/education and whereas, have developed a Training/Mentor Program to enhance its agents knowledge and abilities to perform in today’s Real Estate Market. Our program will supply all the techniques and mechanics needed to not only succeed but excel in the Real Estate business.  The techniques/opinions taught could be applied within any Real Estate market regardless of the market conditions and produce positive results.

Our training process will consists of typical written/verbal instruction plus hands on demonstration and field exercises. To achieve the desired results, we will require everyone’s dedication and commitment to the program and ultimately themselves. Over a period of (6) weeks, (1) hour per week you will be asked to do certain prospecting exercises which will be uncomfortable at time but are crucial towards your success and is in your best interest to comply with all instructions regardless of current fears/phobias.  

Student/Agent will be required to pay an upfront fee for the (6) weeks of training. During the course of the program any/and all transactions procured or obtained by student/agent, shall bear a 70/30 split on the first (3 Residential Purchases or Listings), and/or at instructor’s discretion. The first 70% shall be paid to the student/agent, with the remaining 30% to the instructor. The student/agent shall be dedicated to share commissions on the 70/30 split, as mentioned above regardless of when those transactions are closed. Any and all leads given to the student/agent directly by instructor or management shall bear a 50/50 commission split. (Rentals are exempt).

Any and all commission splits are after the Four Hundreds ($400.00) is paid to Pulse Realty Group for the transaction fee. The instructor shall continue to mentor and offer constructive instruction to student/agent for up to one year to insure absolute success of the student/agent and the program.